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Business Benefits

Parker County’s business address puts you next door to one of the largest logistical networks in the world. Whether you want to move products or people locally, regionally, nationally, or across the globe, any mode of travel you want is top-shelf, cost-effective and close at hand.


Location & Infrastructure



I-20 passes through the heart of Parker County and connects you to north-south interstates that reach every corner of America.


Less than an hour away from Alliance Global Logistics Hub which is one of the world’s leading inland ports.


Parker County has two airports that are easily accessible for those with their own planes. Also under 50 miles from 3 international airports. (DFW,Lovefield,Meacham)


Texas has 23 seaports, many of which are Foreign Trade Zones, as well as 4 offering Container Liner Service.


Our cities’ and county’s utility needs are serviced by a number of providers depending on municipal boundary and service area. The EDC will assist you in determining existing utility infrastructure, capacity, and providers.

Labor Force

Parker County has a very diverse labor pool ranging from CEO’s-Production workers. We have 67,751 employees located within Parker County. Education attainment of labor force consist of associates degree and higher 36.16% and high school graduate/trade/some college 53.55%.

We have many valuable local resources we are partnered with that specialize in finding employees, customized training for your industry, certification programs and continued education.

Site Selection

The county’s 910 square miles are unlike the rest of the Metroplex. The land is undulating and hilly, with elevations ranging from 700 to 1,200 feet. You are bound to find a location that best suits your business.

For additional information on these properties, please contact the Parker County Economic Development Council at (817) 709-1435 or

Target Industry

This County is a pro-business environment, with access to a skilled talent pool, and an ideal quality of life. Providing easily accessible locations along major transportation routes with less than an hour commute to International Airports with Foreign Trade Zones. Parker County is the perfect location for your business.

• Manufacturing
• Light Industrial
• Corporate Headquarters
• Advanced Technology


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Weatherford, Texas 76086

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