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Parker County has a powerful advantage: A private, non-profit electric company with “least-cost” billing that generates big-time savings for business.

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Parker County is proud of its frontier heritage. Our ancestors endured challenging conditions. Even everyday basics like food and water rarely came easy. But our forefathers learned to cope. They worked together. They took matters into their own hands and declared independence. That spirit is alive today in a local utility called Weatherford Electric. The company provides dependable electricity for business at cost-based rates. Plugging into our local utility offers a host of benefits for local companies.

First and foremost, you can count on reliable electric service that’s extremely competitive with major utility companies. You can enjoy that service at the lowest possible rates because Weatherford Electric is a non-profit company with a least-cost billing model. The company is a highly responsive outfit that pays attention to new and changing business demands. You could also enjoy tax-exempt financing for capital projects.


Texas Gas Service

Retail electricity providers can be found at

City of Weatherford
Tarrant County Regional Water Authority


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