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The demographics for Parker County are similar to Texas. That’s true for how we think, too. We are patriots. Western. Family-oriented. Homeowners.

According to projected U.S. Census data for 2015, demographics for Parker County paint the picture of a classic Texas town. Our population of 120,000 is divided right down the middle between men and women at 50% apiece, with 63% of adults in the workforce and 59% employed. The median age is 39.6 and the predominant ethnic populations are White (85%), Hispanic or Latino (11%), and Black (2%). Most people own their homes (78%) and live in family households (76%). Politically, like much of Texas, Parker County is largely conservative and Republican. In fact, Republican Party members have held all offices since 1999 and the county has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1976.

Beyond the numbers, the frontier heritage and landscape have enormous impact on our citizenry. The county’s 902 square miles are unlike the rest of the Metroplex. The land is undulating and hilly, with elevations ranging from 700 to 1,200 feet. The county's rolling plains are covered by tall grasses, mesquite, and oak trees. Elm, walnut, and pecan trees are also common along the streams and valleys. The natural beauty of Parker County creates a relaxed ambience, along with a love and respect for nature.

People in Parker County like to get outdoors. They grow things and keep animals. Multi-acre homesteads are common, and so are organic crops and animals ranging from chickens and goats to cattle and horses. People respect your privacy but they also make an effort to know you and be neighborly. You won’t find those qualities in the U.S. Census, but you can enjoy them every day in Parker County.


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