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Parker County Overview

As you drive west on I-20 in the DFW Metroplex, the circuit board density of homes and businesses gives way to large expanses of green. You see rolling hills and horse ranches, farmland and giant swaths of undeveloped land. Welcome to Parker County. There’s a bit of wildness in the land and the people here. We’re not just the western edge of the Metroplex. We’re frontier people who have kept that spirit alive and kicking since the mid-1800’s. We are independent and self-sufficient. We are innovators and entrepreneurs. We’re helpful and neighborly, because that’s what it takes to thrive on the frontier.

The centerpiece of our county, the Parker County Courthouse, is a restored classic masterpiece that opened its doors in 1856. It’s still in operation today in downtown Weatherford. One of the top cutting horse competitions in the world happens here every year. You can enjoy rodeos with authentic, bronco busting cowboys and cowgirls. You can pick fresh peaches and watermelons from our fields, and enjoy fresh milk and ice cream from our dairies. We are proud of our past and we work to preserve it.

At the same time, Parker County has an eye on the future. Our business and government leaders believe this is the premier destination in the Metroplex for tomorrow’s companies. Our towns and cities range from country-loving, proud-to-be-small-town places like The Annettas, Brock and Springtown to growth-oriented, aggressive communities like Hudson Oaks, Weatherford and Willow Park.

We are connected to the benefits and amenities of the big city marketplace, but we offer a lifestyle that speaks to today’s younger generation. That means natural food and sustainable living. It means land where you can raise your own crops or keep your own animals. And it means a friendly, comfortable, small town spirit that makes living here such a pleasure. Poke around Parker County a little and you’ll feel that for yourself. 


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